Algo Monitoring

Buy and sell-side firms need solutions for independently reviewing algo activity, per the FX Code of Conduct, MiFID II, etc. Ideal Prediction developed an automated solution to monitor algo activity and mitigate operational risk. 


P&L Optimization

Our P&L optimization solution is deployed at buy-side and sell-side firms. This analysis provides insight, beyond typical TCA, by:

  • Investigating the many independent variables that drive P&L.
  • Continuously monitoring P&L drivers, as technology and market conditions evolve.



Ideal Prediction open-sourced idealreport, our Python framework that generates HTML and PDF reports.

We also created an interactive framework to develop bespoke reports for all clients.

Measurement-as-a-Service (MaaS)

Ideal Prediction invented MaaS, the core technology for our data science solutions. MaaS is a cloud-hosted tick database, with a simple REST API.

  • Data Provider? We help distribute your data (raw and derived data).
  • Cross Product Analysis? MaaS hosts data for credit, FX, futures, and rates.
  • Time to Market? Users can immediately generate consistent measurements, e.g. market impact curves.