Measurement-as-a-Service (MaaS)

Ideal Prediction created MaaS for FICC products to provide a simple way to understand P&L drivers. With the resulting measurements, you can determine actions to improve P&L:

  • Market Maker? Optimize client tiers.
  • Market Taker? Route flow to the best counterparties.
  • ECN? Improve volumes and client experience.

For solutions that leverage MaaS, our team will:

  1. Review and analyze your existing data.
  2. Propose data-driven actions to increase revenue / reduce costs.
  3. Work with your team to enact changes.
  4. Provide metrics that can validate those improvements.

Ideal Report

Ideal Prediction open-sourced our Python reporting framework that generates HTML and PDF reports.  

Bespoke Solutions

Our team thrives on problems within the intersection of trading and data science. Our experience encompasses improving client revenues, modeling time series, and automating workflows. We can quickly understand your challenges and create elegant solutions.

Solutions may utilize some or all of our tools:

  • Ideal MaaS for evaluating trades.
  • Ideal Report for visual exploration.
  • Machine learning and statistical analysis.
  • Parallel computing (cloud-based or in-house).