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Ideal partners with Broadway to deliver FICC trading analytics

Ideal, the decision intelligence firm, is now offering its powerful performance analytics solution to fixed income traders within Broadway’s secure environment.

The partnership between Ideal and Broadway provides traders with turnkey access to industry-leading analytics and actionable insights.

The Ideal Flow solution brings an unprecedented level of insight to fixed income trading. For the first time, FICC traders can easily review client transaction cost analysis (TCA), compare client profitability, and assess risk in both human and electronic trading. Ideal Flow enables traders to instantly visualize historical trends as well as drill down into trade activity millisecond by millisecond. Integrated market data provides valuable context on market share movements.

“In building Ideal Flow, we drew upon our firsthand experience leading trading desks and quant groups for over two decades in-house,” said John Crouch, Ideal CEO. “We translated our specialized knowledge of FICC dynamics and workflows into a user-friendly interface with intelligent curation built in. As a result, Ideal Flow is the only analytics solution that perfectly anticipates trading teams’ needs and illuminates the critical actions to help them trade more effectively. We’re excited to share the power of our decision intelligence with Broadway’s client base.”

Broadway CEO Michael Chin added, “For 20 years, Broadway has been helping our clients optimize their fixed income workflows, with high-performance trading solutions and exceptional customer experiences. The Toc, our core platform, enables seamless interoperability among essential tools — whether proprietary, third-party, or Broadway — giving our clients access to the full range of best-of-breed solutions. By partnering with Ideal, we are pleased that we can now offer our clients the sophisticated performance analytics of Ideal Flow, deployed seamlessly and securely within the Broadway environment.” Together, Broadway and Ideal empower fixed income traders with the fully hosted SaaS trading and analytics solutions they need to optimize their workflows and performance.


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